HOT SALE Dental Digital Teaching System

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HOT SALE Dental Digital Teaching System

Professional design for Dental Teaching Education or Treatment

Hidden keyboard design, easy to retract, does not occupy the clinical space,Video and Audio Real-time transmission.

Dual monitor display give doctors and nurses different operation platforms and different angles ,which can concern about the clinical teaching process.

Medical professional video collection system, video output 1080P HD , 30 optical zoom , provides a micro-video images for clinical teaching. 

Three steps color temperature adjustment(4000K/4500K/5000K) and color rendering index reaches Ra 95.

Remote control, operation panel and other control mode, is convenient for the use of clinical teaching process.

Through the system configuration software can easily achieve video recording, capture, screenshot, mirror image, video parameter settings and have the management of video data, image editing, printing and other functions, has accumulated more valuable material for the doctor's daily study and work, and also can effectively avoid the medical dispute.The integrated solution can easily realize remote consultation and distance education.